The Identify Crisis in Rap. Is it comedy or is everyone required to sound the same?

The bullshit cometh…

I don’t listen to modern rape so I’ll be doing some far amount of bullshiting and critical analysis of the bullshit.

A typical modern rap example: WAP. The seductive call of the slut that is hungering for big dick or any dick to sit on. The bitch has a vocal use of words that is dadada DA dadada DA.

Hmmm. For my musically inclined folk it’s the key of middle D tapping a beat or rhythm consent but for a few breaks in between and not a far amount if at all true melody and personal voice skill. This is modern rap. A rhythm but the same vocal style and no melody to speak of. The artist is a gifted slut nothing more. She should invest her money and not count on a man of means tolerating her bullshit.

B typical rap Example Don’t touch my truck

If you’ve heard it once and you have a sense of humor you laughed your ass off the first time.

The artist has a country hickory smooth style and he can honestly sing a bit. The song is a bit of a joke however his personality is felt in the song and you have a sense of his humor, passion, youth and pride in being southern raised to his bone. Again, though all rhythm and continuous stream that flows from here to there. He has a bit of talent and would do well in R&B.

But, hey what do I know. Maybe I’m wrong. It’s my opinion you know. I hope I didn’t offend…

Holy shit. I tried. Fuck modern rap. No. I’m not sorry.

Warm Regards



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