Ernst Hemingway taught the importance of voice (writing Craft) and (book nerd shit)

I’m not much of a scenery writer or that in the category of crazy ass balls genius. I just write and I enjoy the process of figuring out the moving parts of a story but most importantly…

I like voice.

You know that neverland feeling you get when you listen to a story and the characters voice and personality seem so real to you that you begin to weigh and question the motives of an imagined character.

It’s the one time in your adult life your allowed to go on rants about what the fuck was Frank thinking entertaining a thought of fucking with that bitch. I know. He wasn’t thinking at all. That bitch sat on his lap and took over the thinking department.

Love at first sight? More lust when she sat on his…

What the hell was I talking about? Yeah. Voice. I dig Hemingway’s pose with writing a voiced charecter that put you in the driver’s seat in the story.

I like that is a kin to magical for me. Story wise for with his stories and few I’ve read. I don’t care so much.

I like strong believable charecters you can hate, love or love to hate.

Warm Regards



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