This is the funniet year of my life…

I can’t help but laugh some times at the weird shit that’s happened in the last three months of this year.

It’s what? March. I’m keeping a count of this shit now.

Here’s a question. Is Crept Keeper Biden alive or a hologram?

Real talk. Well and a little bullshiting. The dude looks old as fuck and half in the grave. You rarely see the fucker but on prerecorded programed events we’ll find out maybe in 2055 if the fucker died last month but still it’s food for thought.

Imagine the poor fuckers that voted for his ass. Wait? Did anybody really vote for him?

Holy shit! Just imagining it now I’m starting to cry tears of pure joy at the surprised angry outrage they’ll have when the shit hits the fan in June. Sweet Jesus I can’t stop laughing.

Hot damn! What a time to alive.

The fucking ride doesn’t end.

Are you getting pissed off at me? Good. I’m laughing my balls off.

Are you laughing your tits or balls off. Good then I did my job.

Warm Regards



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