Archetypes of a bad bitch: The smile

This one is a bit tricky so I’ll have to curse more.

You know there are some bitches that have a smile that makes you want to slap the bitch and not in a good way…

Well maybe in a good way.

Then there’s the bad bitch smile. You know the shit when you see it. It isn’t so much sexual as it defines a female that has a level of mastery on her feminine charm and a shit kicking sense of humor.

Humor. Laughter. A sense of delight or finding the bullshit of life’s dark moments amusing some how can form a smile on her lips that is desireable.

It’s the fuck you I won’t be defeated. It’s these fucking people have no idea what kind of bitch that just fucked with.

A man can smile that way and earn friendship from me or a beer.

A female that smiles like that is my sister of life’s strange moments. She is the bad bitch that you will give a lesser bitch the shit if they say one thing about your big momma.

Warm Regards



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