May, he rest in shit kicking glory

Some men have two names this bad ass mother fucking legend had one name…


A wandering nomandic soul. His job was to establish order in the roadhouse club and move onto the next.

He found his way by invitation and name to a new job at a roadhouse that needed cleaning up. No ordinary job that he was soon to find out. He was hired to set the place in order and make it a legit business for hard drinking, shit kicking fun and shit kicking music.

Oh the music. It is as classic as the time it came out of.

The story?

I don’t give a fuck about the story and neither should you.

The movie is the essence of the shit kicking cowboy spirit my dude.

Oh the days,

These beta bitch simp days. My soul longs for the days of shit kicking pride days. Of walking tall days. Of I wish a mother fucker would days. Are these long gone?

Fuck that noise. I’m bringing the shit back with one shit kicking post at a time. If you doubt me…

Go fuck yourself. I’m a mother fucking American Highlander my dude. I vap conflict that tastes of cookies n cream and summer days. I cew on iron and spit out bullets.

Ya heard me?

Warm Regards



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