What does it mean to be a 21 century gentleman? Well..you have to be a bad ass.

A simp is not a gentleman. I studied the art and practice of being a gentleman in the western style and first rule is…

The point of being a gentleman is making the people in your circle or radius of protection as comfortable as possible.

With one minor guardiandogg twist I would add don’t fuck with my people or the tribe I roll with.

There is a time to provide comfort and there is a time that honor demands you put on your shit kicking boots and establish peace in your circle with a go fuck yourself or a swift kick to the mouth. So that the comfort level can go back to normal for everyone else.

I’m not sorry at all. The people in my circle know not to whimsically piss on me and tell me it’s raining. I like everybody but I’m not to be fucked with in regards to respect or fucking with the people in my circle.


Man I sound like an ancient old fuck. You know what I am an ancient American Highlander soul bad ass dude.

Anyway, have a lovely day. This side of my current residence of shit kicking texas is looking sunny with a cold ass wind blowing like a two dollar hoe.

Warm Regards



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