The polymath a jack of many trades or a master of keeping from being bored.

I wanted to be a polymath when I listened to an audio book on think like Leonardo DaVinci or some bullshit.

Honest and true looking back on the book I wanted to not be boring and have an opportunity just around the corner because of a multitude of skill sets in my backpack.

Anyway, I was fascinated by DaVinci and his some what bullshit game of selling himself on what he could do and a host of shit that was him bullshiting about what he would do to future employers.

He was a product of the strange times he was in became a polymath in post age of people trainning in one field of study and being in that field for the remainder of their life because of their family station in life.

I don’t know how he kept the dick addiction in check and didn’t himself hanged or burned at the stake for it. It shows you how much of master he was at riding the line and bullshiting his way out of shit.

Here’s a weird statement. I suceeded in being a polymath though not intentionally or altogether formally. I am a product of my times.

The times are chaotic and weird. But, if your reading this post in 2089 the times of DaVinci and now are very similar.

Think of it like growing up on a foodie street district block. You have a endless scope of options to choose from in delights to partake of.

However, mankind is always on the move. We get bored of one delight and find ourselves shuffling from one restaurant to another until we’re hoping around and learning new dishes.

But over time the hoping around isn’t really random. It’s selective to what interests you in a day or time in your life. Boredom is what you want to avoid so you can still enjoying tasting what you love.

Warm, Regards



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