There is no greater put down and slap to the face then saying Go Fuck yourself with a stone cold face

You know it. I know it. Every beta bitch simp and dumbass bitch who thinks she’s hot shit knows it.


Listen. No matter how hot she is. No matter how much of a bad bitch she is. If she says some earth moving female bullshit or says one thing about your Momma or suggest your Daddy was a pussy.

She gets no leeway. No pass for a pretty face. You look that bitch in the face. Straight faced and stone cold.

“I’m sorry but I couldn’t hear a word you said. Your shit breath is making my head spin. Oh go fuck yourself. I got to find a hot chicka to fuck.”

Anyway, the go fuck yourself line is classic and forever needed in a world of increasing rude fucking people.

You may ask me if I would seriously be weird to a truly beautiful girl because-

Stop right there and go fuck yourself!

Warm Regards



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