The antidote to self pity with a side of Jack Daniels

Shit kicking bad ass attitude.

Let me explain. No wait. Here’s a thought.

If your a shit kicking cowboy not in the know. Black Rambos have a tendency to engage in self pity bullshit. It’s a tradition started by some asshole who was probably a beta bitch wizard.

The main flavor of a self pity bottle of spirits is what about slavery??

My response would be mother fucker what about you getting my dick out of your mouth bitch.

I ain’t your slave and you ain’t  my master, son. Fuck that shit and fuck what happened in the past and go fuck yourself for all I care.

Now. How can a shit kicking cowboy crack the code for when one of my skin folk bring up the bullshit.

You look em in the face and with respect and kindness tell them the following words….

Fuck that shit my dude. You a grown ass man. You ain’t my slave and I ain’t your master. I don’t owe you shit and you don’t owe me a damn thing my guy.

The twists and turns of such an encounter are many. But the real ones will respect you for such a reply.

You have to have the balls to say it and believe that shit to your core because it is the truth.

I ain’t talking some we are the world and peace la doe horse shit. Real talk.

I ain’t your slave and you ain’t my master. You feel me. If I was still a black rambo I would answer a one that would try to enslave me with violence un focused. But, sense I’m an American Highlander I much prefer swords or tomahawk for a more personal touch.

Warm Regards



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