The good, the beauty and the true having is a warcrey against the comfortable life

It should go without passing that I mean or news media, fake news and real news.

I was born in the west. Raised in the west. Taught western civility and the noble virtues. But it wasn’t until these boiling frog times of sysmulation breaking events that I came to know and connect with the old saying of the west.

The good, the beautiful and the true.

I am like any other child of menkind. I am easily fooled by the spells of hypnotizing comforting words. That is why I don’t trust in general a story brought to me by any news media. I know myself enough that the only way such spells work is if you listen and don’t think about the reason your told what your told and accept the narrative of the story.

Fuck. I sound like a liberal asshole out to sell a book or a GOP street walker out to find a John but I’m speaking this way in defense of the good, the beautiful and the true.

The good can not replace a lie. Children are not a baggage or burden. Feminine beauty is not something to bought with surgery or designed by photoShop witchcraft. Beauty in the classical sense is one of a kind and our senses know it for what it is. What is true is not something to be used for currency of obtaining boner pills or peddling blackpill woes of despair to young men so they don’t fight for masculine identity.

The truth is something to be defended. The true. The true is something to valued. Though it is not as comforting as comfortable lies.

What is it to be?

I offer you no easy gift to hold and bare. There is a conflict. The mordern west gives us a free supple of the comforts of porn and addiction to idle living.

I offer you a simple saying. The good, beautiful and the true. The treasures of the west and our heritage that is all but forgotten in these strange modern times.

Warm Regards



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