How comfortable would slavery be if the rulers of America gave you a Lamborghini to drive?

Real talk. How comfortable would you be if the only thing the rulers in charge asked you to do was drive a lambo?

Of course you couldn’t own it or anything at all. But, you could live like a pro baller. You could be a fake millionaire as you please and live in a big leased apartment.

All you had to do was drive a black lady to her job on Tuesday. All your other days are yours to enjoy the Lamborghini.

What would be the problem? Sure you couldn’t choose to not drive one Tuesday. You had to drive on Tuesday and if you missed a day well you couldn’t drive the Lamborghini for two days. If you missed two Tuesdays you couldn’t drive it for two years.

What’s wrong with that? You don’t own it. It would be no loss to you.

Okay now I’m bullshiting

But, we’re pretty close to nobody owning a damn thing now.

Warm, Regards



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