Song of the day Who Did That To You by John Legend

It’s one of those songs I don’t like the lyrics entirely but I dig the feel.

I first heard the song when I saw Django unchained.

I liked the movie for what it was. Never cared to see it again entirely. I’m not really a movie guy.

The feel of the song just gives me that relaxed feel of kicking back in a chair or a ride with a 5’5 shorty to your opposite side and your on cruse control just letting the days go by. Your headed in a direction of unknown possibilities but your not to worried about the outcome because you have to get there rather then stay still.

It does have that feeling as well of being a modern take on the 70s feel of care free dreaming while awake buzzed out on shit that could have gotten you serious time back in the day for entertaining a moment on it.

Then again that last part might be just a ghost of a feeling from the groove of the song.

Warm Regards


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