Archetypes of a bad bitch: A woman of worth

For those few of you not in the know when I say bad bitch I mean a female that is of course beautiful outwardly but inwardly she is a female of character and feminine energy to a mother fucking T. She doesn’t just attract a man with her beauty she pulls a man’s interest toward her by being herself.

Not withstanding the occasional female bullshit of the modern day wo-man, a bad bitch when she shows her feminine charm isn’t so much sexy but alarmingly brings out a man’s dominant characters. To protect. To hold. To claim.

In romantic fantasy bullshit of feminine fiction and movies. You see this shit. In western movies it’s hidden behind a mask of female impowerment that seeks to be the equal to masculine big dick energy.

Holy shit.

In fiction that bullshit is done away with entirely. The females are all beautiful and feminine. They lean into a man’s strength and dominace. They’re never at eye level height with a male of their choosing.

They look up to him in age, dominance and height. They compliment his strength with their femininity and enrich it in encouragement and compliments.

In real life, I’ve known only a few truly bad bitches in my life and I never stood at the same height to them.

Warm, Regards



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