Freedom isn’t free but people will trade it any day of the week for comfort.

Do I really live in a free and just society? I don’t know. I don’t think so most of the time when some dude in a uniform comes up to me and deems to address me for no other reason but to tell me what to do. I’ve broken no laws and said shit all to anyone but this asshole deems to tell me what to do and doesn’t have the proper diction to do it in a civil respectful tone.

I’m a gentleman though it may not seem that way from all my bullshiting and what not. But, I trully believe there is a right way and wrong way to do something.

If you are so inclined to do your “governmental job” and tell me of a policy you have in your area for me to where a mask please be as polite as possible to me.


Well, I am not your slave and you aren’t Robert Frost. So I owe you no respect but what is common western civility.

I repeat. I am not the slave to any man or woman. Fuck what happened in the past and what’s going on now. I am not your bitch or beta bitch simp.

I like civil talk. It’s what’s saves us all from being beaten down with a rock or shot on sight for crossing the red line and stepping into the wrong fucking saloon and filled bullets instead of a bottle of Jack Daniel’s.

Respect of humanity and respect of individual earned worth. I like the former and hold the later.

Piss on either of the two and you got a problem with me. You got a big problem. I do not tolerate disrespect just to validate your fears or your true concerns.

My skin folk have a saying. You better watch your mouth before you sign a check your ass can’t cash.

I say fuck you and fuck your concerns. You need to be concerned about how I will react to your shit.

I get it. We the people have signed our freedoms away for a vaccine to releave our fears.

But, some of us can only tolerate so much of this bullshit for so long. I can tolerate bullshit but not disrespect. Is anyone else have a similar mindset?

Warm, Regards


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