What is The marketing issue between Black Rambos and Shit kicking cowboys?

This one is a weird one for me. I grew up around Black Rambos and shit kicking cowboys and white people. I get along with everybody. Not sure why other then the fact I’m a American Highlander with big dick energy.

But there is some weird bullshit between black rambos and shit kicking Cowboys.

The marketing issue.

It’s a product of those that can’t forget the past and those that profit from the past and those that are brain dead idiots that think the past is what they were told or how it was narratived to them.

History again is writen by bullshiters and beta bitch losers. There is always some bullshit narrative to hide the boring truth of it all in the fine print.

Hate and bullshit drug dealers are crafty devils. They sell that shit on a premium prescription. The first hit is a free lie. They are the politicans. The history professor and the drunk ranting at shit kickers as they drive by in big ass trucks.

Example: The Tom Brady anomaly or as I like to call it. Envy and self pity.

I like football but I don’t watch it much anymore. But, everybody knows The Chad: Tom Brady. I wasn’t surprised he won and didn’t care much. I respect em but I ain’t worshiping the dude and I got shit to get done.

I was at work one time with a black rambo. We working together and I decided to ask him if he saw the game. Why? I have no fucking idea. He sighed and acted like he lost the game.

Oh shit. He was saying it was a disappointment to him and gave me a low tone line about hating the fact “We couldn’t win this one. That Tom Brady.”

I’m paraphrasing because I couldn’t catch all his bullshit. I just caught the self pity shit and hive mind Borg speech. I hear this shit occasionally from Black Rambo on a off day. Sometimes it’s funny other times it’s when my brain turns off the other dude’s voice.

My give a damn switch turns off when I hear self pity bullshit.

It is what it is? I can’t relate. I can understand but I’m out of the black rambo matrix to fully jive with the shit.

Other side of the the field I hear the same occasionally talk from white people about the Blacks. Something. I understand it but find it all boring shit.

Shit kicking cowboys. Hmm. Well. They don’t rock with the self pity shit. To much shit to get done and shits that need kicking.

No real solution to me other then get some balls and get shit done.

Warm, Regards


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