An imaginary country alive only in people’s heads (writing craft)

It’s an idea that’s turning in my head. Listen a bit and steal it if you find anything useful in it.

Idea: USA ended in 2019. The country has been functioning on a delusion sense then.

Add on: In the fall of 2020, the President is informed that the country is defaulting in late 2021. The last depression is set for winter of 2022 that will spell the end for the State of America.

Add on: The year is 2024 alot has changed sense the depression arrived two years ago. The country has divided back into wild territories and the Texas region is trying to make a trade deal with Russia for protection against the Chinese states of New York and California.

Add on: It’s 2025, Texas War Chief Joe Jones is set to start a deal with FedEx and Amazon to bring in some money for the region but he’s in a espionage war with Chinese CIA agents trying to steal the deal for the Chinese American Communists Party.

It goes on from there. I’d say you would just need one event to set off a domino effect or you can keep up the delusion factor. Make it be that everyone adapts to changes by means of making it fashionable or messages given by Joe Biden. People still believe America exist even when the facts and internal wars don’t line up with their thinking.

Update: story is told from Joe Jones perceptive. He starts out story as a Texas Ranger

Warm, Regards


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