Chasing an idea just because (writing craft)

This might be a writer or a creative artist thing. The need to craft out into reality a crazy idea just to see where it goes.

Whatever it is I get an idea and it sticks with me. It’s not even a story out right It’s an idea of what could be a story and I want to know where the hell it will go.

Example for today. Guy must kill dragon with a shovel.

Add on to idea. Guy must kill dragon man or girl friend will die.

Add on to idea. Guy Lenxion needs to kill Arnard Drake a dragon/man so his girlfriend won’t have to pay a debt to him. His problem is he only has a shovel and the oracle said he must kill dragon man with it.

Add on to idea. Guy Lenxion must save his girlfriend in the next forty-eight hours or she will marry dragon man. He goes to magic shop with only a few coins. There is one item up for sale. An old magic shovel that is upgradeable and able to kill dragon men. If one can find the right oracle to power it up for the right price.

And so on…

The idea is silly but it’s a fun exercise for me sense my main book writing project has gone to shit for the moment.

Warm, Regards


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