The good, the beautiful and the true…

The day is misty and grey. Yesterday was busy and productive but today I find my mind wondering in thoughts of the past, the present and the future conflict.

My mind is set for the fight. But, I have reasons for holding the line to the borders of my consciousness. I have a treasure box I am protecting.

The good, the beautiful and true.

This saying is older then my old American Highlander soul but it comes from a time and mindset that is a kin to my mother language. The Bard of Avon, the music of the masters, the beauty the classic standard and the true.

The true. I can’t escape you. I can’t avoid you. You are damn demanding that I pay attention to you and ignore beautiful seductive and comfortable modern-day lies.

This is what gives me my fight the spark to my candle. In my comedy. In my striving against the minds of modern day madness. My spirit brother of a long time ago speaks to me in the echoing words of King James and the madness of Twelfth Night or What you Will.

I’m sorry I love the language of Hamlet and Romeo & Juilet but Twelfth Night is my shit.

Warm, Regards


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