The ghost of the 13th Warrior is haunting my mind

Some movies and some books fade from my mind like I never saw them or had my mind engaged for a moment in the by play of characters in the moving flow of the story.

The 13th Warrior though is a movie I can’t remember a single song or melody but I can remember the words. I found myself enchanted by the story of all things and hidden meanings of when a man is called to action and the effects of fear on the mind.

But, the questions and thoughts of manhood. What does a man do when he is called to action. When his hand is required to combat evil and slay the savage beast of an animal who calls on two legs.

” It’s a man. It’s man. It’s not a demon It’s a man ” – The 13th Warrior

I think about those lines. The meaning.

Imagine a tribe of men that have forsaken their humanity. They have become savage beasts on two legs. They are the stuff of nightmares but when one man acknowledges their humanity he finds the strength within himself to fight them and their philosophy or shit for the evil it is.

Warm, Regards

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