Why? Why in the fuck do people worship the down and dirty FUCK celebrities?

I don’t get it.

It doesn’t comput for me. Why worship these assholes. Real talk. I enjoy a movie here and there and find myself peeking a celebrity in a magazine photo or add on a website.

I wonder a moment about what shit the headline is about for five lost seconds and then I see 5’5 shorty cross my vision and I lose all thought or give a damn about a celebrity living or dead.

I include the royal family of good old England in the mix.

Holy shit.

Now my black power princess mother liked to hear stories and rumors about the family and shit and dig into the shit with Princess Diana and shit.

Even as a kid I gave zero fucks when my favorite show came on cable. Roin Warriors. That was my shit.

Anyway, she saw the fucking wedding of black power princess Meghan Markle to Princess Harry Beta bitch. She thought of that bullshit as lifetime romantic bullshit real life fairy tale movie.

Holy shit.

I thought…okay. When the fuck is dinner?

I kid you not my dude. Every time I gain a moment of a interest in celebrity assholes and research them. I always and left feeling.

Holy shit. This asshole is an asshole. Except for Robert Downey Jr. He went through his asshole period early and learned to keep his shit straight for most part.

Brad Pitt is a true asshole. Pretty boy fucker.

Anyway, have a great and enjoy people that you know and not assholes that pretend to be normal dumbasses.

Warm, Regards


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