Meghan Markle is a black power princess and Prince Harry is servent boy

Word of warning!! The bullshit is coming!!

Remember my rule.

Okay. I don’t give two shits plus one asshole in a dress about this bitch or her husband but for the purposes of being funny. I’ll use her royal highness of black power and her peasent husband as food for this post.

Holy shit.

I wasn’t even going to talk about this bitch today but one of my favorite bloggers did a piece on her and her “Africa connection” so I will add my two cents.

The story is this bitch is serving up some new shit about some mystery asshole in the in-breed royal family of good old England.

Apparently some body shared hateful concerns in the past about her future baby in being a little on the black rambo shade. Before the baby was born.

This bitch is no end of some female black power bullshit. She married a fucking blue blood prince simp bitch younger then her and got him and her kicked out of England for talking to damn much and cucking his beta ass.


I don’t feel sorry for Prince beta cuck bitch Harry what ever the hell his last name is. He married a black power princess and isn’t dominant enough or man enough to keep her in check before she put the leash on his ass. Sucker got played boo fucking woo. There’s to many damn men in his life not to school his ass on how to be a mother fucking big dick energy OG. Ya heard.

A common trait of a black power Princess is….

1) Two cents of conversation turns into a bullshit storm for decades.

2) If a strong male isn’t leading them then their leading that simp beta bitch asshole by his balls, my dude.

My conclusion. If she’s leading you by the balls she has zero respect for you not to keep her bullshit in check to protect your back. Her bitch husband has been failing every shit test she’s given him sense day one.

Always remember lesson two in female bullshit. 

“Harry, maybe you just have to face the fact that you can never be a big dick puerto Rican Cassinova. Your just beta bitch. I can say anything I want and you won’t do a damn thing about it.”

Hmmm. How the fuck would you respond to that shit? That female bullshit.

Warm, Regards


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