A message to 2099. I’m sorry you missed out on the ride. Hot damn! What a time to be alive.

When they made masks fashionable that’s when I knew we the culture chose to be comfortable in the deep of fear. It was a interesting and predictable.

It did not start with the bullshit media spins or Trump taking office. It started before I breathed the sweet air of my native highlands of Baltimore. It started on a day truth became post modern.

Nothing could change the course we were set on. I stopped whinning about it ages ago. In fact in this time I’m the tougher it gets the more I find myself breathing in the conflict and coming storm like the sweet embrace of one hell of a storm.

Hot damn! What a time to be alive.

I’m sorry you missed out on it. Though you have own shit. You still missed out on historic times.

Every day. Every damn day of the week is a thrilling adventure.

The shit is history to you but to me. Hot damn!

Oh! The road that is before us is in mystery but a predictable course of previous repeating patterns.

Unknown to us is how it will all flow down the river of good and evil intentions our ancesters that led us here but thing is for sure….

The ride doesn’t end…or

Hot damn! What a time to be alive.

Warm Regards


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