The Covid mask experiment might be coming to in end in Texas I give zero fucks

Yep. The damage has been done and I got plans and shit to do still so I can’t say I give much of a zero of a fuck overall.

The normal everyday citizens didn’t learn shit about the massive amounts of brain washing and mind control that went on. It is what is it is. Big T isn’t in office so the powers that be that control the country have decided to end the shit show of covid mask theories.

For the most part….

Still me being me. I can’t help finding it all a little funny in a dark humor way. So much money spent and lost to go to a vaccine that is about as trust worthy as you can trust the government to handle a natural disaster or a winter storm.

Holy shit!

Again, Covid is serious but let’s call it what it is. A massive media push for control and dominance over our fucking minds and putting us in a continuous state of panic and fear over one of the Covids in a list of respiratory conditions that effected mostly the very old and the already very sick.

It’s just one big shit show. We’ll get through it but fuck if I want the assholes who put us through this shit to make it 2022.

Warm, Regards



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