Book writing is going to shit right now…(writing craft)

I hit a wall for the last few days and I’m trying to work my way out of it. Life and depression get in the way some times….


That’s a weird thing to say but it’s true. When you have to deal with shit needing to be done so you can get back to crafting the bridge between the beginning to the ending of a book.

It’s tax season and every other bullshit thing I have to deal with as well is smashing into each other to create a nice little distraction from finishing my main book project. It’s frustrating to put it mildly.

I’m getting there but it’s going to take me some time. That I don’t like. I want to finish the story so I can edit and finally be able to read it completely instead of having the shit in my head in pieces of dialogue and scenes of action.

I’m writing other shit to keep active but the main book is my major goal this year seeing how things are shaping up to be. Not being a downer just looking at the shit storm for what it is and embracing the coming conflict.

Damn though. I really want to read the story and have it in my hands by the end of this shit storm year.

Warm Regards


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