A Black Rambos weakness. A 5’5 shorty in a short dress and cute smile part 1

Now I was raised among the black Rambos and black power princess and such so I know what I know from seeing a black rambo fall under the spell of a 5’5 shorty of any tribe known to mankind.

The innocent ones don’t have a fucking clue what they’re doing when they walk by with a sway to their hips and turn their head in a black rambos direction and look at him with a smile.

The charm comes on and playful seduction begins when a minute a go the dude was bitching about his fucking rent or his wife getting on his ass about some bullshit.

Hey it is what it is.

A black Rambo would be all to willing to deal with a fair amount of female bullshit to endulge in a delightful girl as her.

Warm, Regards


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