Passive aggressive bitch speech the enemy to a dialectic mind

I was raised by females and I am introvert by nature so obviously I was a beta bitch for most of my youth.

I didn’t talk directly with people because I was a bitch so I learned the fine art of passive aggressive bitch speech or being passive in confronting a issue head on. This worked as a means of communication for me until…

I got some balls or on a matter of fact I needed to know something I didn’t want a secondary answer about some bullshit feelings I had about the topic.

This might sound confusing so let me give you an example.

“Honey does this dress make me look fat?”

Anyway, I can’t stand that shit anymore. My mind doesn’t work that way sense I got some balls and started vaping conflict on the regular.

I use rhetorical speech for jokes and poetry though I absolutely mean it when I say I hate gamma, gamma mother fucking bitches.

Warm Regards,


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