It wasn’t about the snow, mother fucker. It wasn’t about the cold. The government shit the bed it’s time to get tough

I’ve heard some bullshit online from dumbasses online and around joking about the shit storm in a texas. I got thoughts about it.

It was Tuesday night. I was freezing my asshole off and my toes hurt and all I could think was I understood that state of Texas didn’t have a back up plan.

I wasn’t angry about snow or the cold I was pissed to live in a time when the governor of Texas told me to wait out the storm in the cold because the grid wasn’t powerful enough to keep me warm.

I live in a state and town that is little more then a back water country at this time. The person my fellow dumbass calls President is a babbling old fool that looks like he’s one day away from dying in his fucking sleep and I don’t even know if he knows the fucking day of the week and people are disappointed they couldn’t impreach T-money after he left his job.

My problem isn’t the weather it is the state of a confederacy of dunces generation I’m apart of.

I’m not a black piller. I’m a realist. This pretending this shit government will last is bullshit. I would rather build a garden. I would rather gather rain water. I would figure how to make it without the government then place my faith in governmental forces that are against me. I would rather put my faith in my neighbors or a church that will give me a fucking warm bed to sleep to sleep on.

Warm Regards,


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