How much is to much explanation for fantasy bullshit (writing craft)

I was just having a discussion with best friend about this topic this morning in a series of random circulating themes about stories and why telling the audience to much shit can back fire.

Case and point. Buffy the vampire slayer. An American television show I watched toward bat shit ending the season series cliff fall. Man I rocked with this show hard and was addicted to just see where it would end.

But, I have to admit that show lost me in respect for the craft of writing fantasy when the writers revealed that Buffy’s supernatural strength came from one a couple of black dudes kidnapping the first slayer girl tying her down and allowing some mist shit demon to rape her.

The weirdness of the episode always took me completely out of the story if I didn’t purposely try to forget that episode existed. The writers broke a rule in writing I found remarkable stupid.

They tried to explain in stupid detail magic bullshit. I’m not saying creating a magic system for your make believe world isn’t worth wild. But, even when brillant writers don’t shit the bed as bad as the source of Buffy’s powers the shit is risky explaining magic bullshit.

Think of the marvel universe of movies and stories. Not perfect but the rules of story once established they aren’t fucked with to much.

Superman’s source of power is the yellow sun. That shit was established years ago and hasn’t really been fucked with that much or overally explained. It is what it is.

I still don’t know what type of mist shit demon that shit that raped the girl was. It still is bullshit to me to this day or why or how they trapped that shit in a box and I don’t care. To much bullshit.

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