Reverse engineering World building (writing craft)

I’m working on my current book and I’m finding out that it is very different from the world I originally thought it was.

The genre of the series started out in the real world with Urban Romance and classic western values. Trouble is it’s been more then five years sense I started writing in the world and I have of course changed as has the vision of the world with the introduction of new characters that do not fit in the real world.

It’s new for me. This discovery that the world’s history is counter to what I thought. I like it.

I have an idea of what type of world it is because I’ve explored thoughts of a time shift of events that happened in the civil rights era. Though to be honest the conversations, characters and ideas of family are fantastic to see being played out.

Though I’m getting ideas of how major the change is.

Once the charecters were established in the first book I don’t try to change their motives or guide them I just let them tell the story by their reactions to what gets thrown at them.

This book or series is really fun to write. I started writing seriously when I was twelve but right now it’s finally paying off. I’m writing something that is not only entertaining to me I’m writing about characters that feel real. It hasn’t been easy to get to this point but right now…..

Hot damn! What a time to be alive.

Warm Regards,


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