I’m writing to music (writing craft)

New book is almost writing itself as one conversation or series of events roll by.

I don’t know if there is a lesson some what of the power of charecters that feel real or you like to explore where the hell they’re going.

I find myself just enjoying the play with each string of an action they undergo. The drama and play of their universe is interesting to me.

Anyway, I didn’t tend on playing music as I’m writing occasionally but it really helps to put me in a mood for the kind of genre the book follows.

Right now I’m listening to lucid dream by monogram.

It is like hearing tear drops of rain on a sunny day. Hard describe that feeling of a fresh attraction taking hold of you as you smell the scent of female who moves in close enough where you almost taste her scent or essence on you tongue.

I’m writing a romantic drama. So the song is ripe the good vibes it gives as a listen and see the encounters of couples learning each other and vibing off their sexual chemistry for one another.

It’s something new I’m discovering can accurately be helpful.

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