An Ode to Jung So Min hot ass feminine lady

Holy shit.

Damn what a lady.

Grace shines in her smile. Warmth follows this lady in her walk. Masterful after playing cute and playful roles. The style and feminine wilds straight a character’s motivations and captive an audience the conviction of the craft.

Some females can’t carry many styles or carry themselves such as her grace can.

Holy shit.

Hot damn what a lady.

When jealous assholes will be old and bitter at eighty and so years of age. Her grace will at ripe age of eighty or more finally look like she’s thirty.

Oh how many doubt my words or say I am kdrama fan boy simping but I say…

Go fuck yourself. The bitch is a top tier female. She gets paid to smile and cry like a pro. I’m an admirer of beauty and female femininity.

Holy shit

Hot damn what a lady.

Warm Regards,


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