Impreachment round 2 let the bullshit begin

Holy shit.

Do you know that feeling when you forget something and then you get a notification on your phone about that thing and your reaction is

Ahh shit. This bullshit.

My dude I forgot all about the bullshit . I had put it out of my mind and because holy shit. Holy mother fucking shit.

I’m broke mother fucker. Real talk. Pay my hush money to government just because it’s what you when a dude has a gun.

Anyway, do you not know that that my 10 cents of tax money is going to this shit show. Holy shit. Ten cents my dude. I flip coins all day with that money.

Holy shit.

I heard from some smart mother fuckers that this a warning to anyone like T-money that wants to run for president they had better think twice.

Holy shit.

If your reading this shit in 2045. The answer is yes. 2021 was the year dumbasses in suits tried to fire a dude who ain’t working on the job anymore 2027 is when America went out like a sweaty fart in church. Holy shit.

At this point. I’m like get off his dick already he left office bitch stop crying about it four years.

Holy shit.

Holy mother fucking shit.

Warm Regards,


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