Writing for an audience of one (writing craft)

Real talk my dude. I write on this blog for an audience of one. Not me though I do enjoy my shit. I mean why would anyone do anything for free if you didn’t get some gain out of it.

The reader.

The dude that reads all my shit and is critical of it but in a constructive way as to add food for the conversation.

I pour all my heart and might into lyrical three throws and masterful worthsmithing. I don’t do this shit for my ego. I do it for the reader’s delight. I got to make bread but beyond that I have to connect with others and spread the joy and life of reading.

I’m commited to the shit. I love the shit. That’s why beyond my bullshiting and silly whit I am serious about my shit.

It’s a lesson in what I’m saying. We as writers as poets want to connect with the reader. Want to engage their interest or spark delight or that treasured moment when they are surprised and burst out into laughter.

It’s the good kind of magic that isn’t magic because if you apply yourself and practice in terms of ten years time of getting better then you were yesterday well, then it’s really more of a science then anything else.

Warm Regards,


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