There is no such thing as an original idea…but a piece of old great ideas reflecting different directions (craft of writing)

I know long title but go with me on my rambling journey. In my post about Farscape today it came to me. How did the writers do it?

How did they take something as simple as a old idea of fish out of water story and surprise the viewers time and time again.

It’s because it wasn’t just one idea. It was pieces of ideas woven together with care and patience. Piece by piece with living and breathing charecters with strong actors breathing life into complicated flawed charecters. Let the dialog and story proceed in it’s natural conclusion. Let the themes remain.

It’s something to learn from that. A true lesson in the craft.

George Lucas first vision of star wars wasn’t star wars. It was Flash Gordon. It was ancient stories of the hero’s journey. It was the drama of life and politics of culture and and family and it was honest at first and geniune.

We are a species of storytellers. It’s in the very blood that flows in our mortal bodies. It is a language in encoded in our genetics.

I’m not speaking on poetic bent. I’m serious. You know it. I know it. In our heart of hearts we know when a story harkens back to the original thread and when it is utter bullshit marketing.

It’s not magic. It’s a language we know without knowing.

I leave you with this. There was this one scene from one season finally episode in Farscape that felt so genuine and amazing it left me laughing my ass off off as intended and waiting for the next episode of the show.

John Crichton is about to be frozen in a statue like state for centuries. His quest to get home is gone. His love affair with his girl is lost. His friend Dargo can only offer him one bit of good news.

Dargo is having amazing sex with his girlfriend.

You see John laugh in wild amusement and Dargo smiles as he brings laughter to his friend who is about to lose everything he values.

That’s life sometimes. There was truth in that moment. No long boring up lifting speech of encouragement. Just a moment when you have to accept the laughter or dark humor of the moment.

Holy shit. The writers just left you wanting to know what the fuck happens next?

Get the series and find out for yourself. I ain’t telling you shit.

Warm Regards,


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