An Ode to Farscape

The YouTube algorithms caught me slipping. I saw one clip of Farscape I found interesting and it hit. Again with that nostalgia head trip.

Back in time to a more simpler time. Well…a more television writer smarter time. I hit the pic and now I’m two days in watching random clips from a show I hadn’t thought of in more then a year.

Farscape is a show about an astronot from earth getting lost in a warmhole and finding himself in another sector in space far from home. A fish out of water kind of story but a twist.

Farscape. What do I miss about this weird Science fiction show? In a word..


Yes. I was never a loyal follower of the show but I could watch a random show or a season of shows and be suprised by the dialog. The show was rich in words and exchanges between characters. You never knew where any given storyline would go until it did.

The show was colorful and strange. It left you guessing on any given outcome. It just kept surprising by its brilliance.

I found myself even wondering into the graphic novels at the shows end. It was still there even in it’s change of media.

The charecters. The acting. The stories. The twists. The outcomes of any given event. You just didn’t know until the end.

My God that writing.

Warm Regards,


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