Where’s the bullshit? The game not on consoles

I don’t mean to do it. It just comes to me sometimes when I hear an absolute statement or someone’s trying to sell me something.

That’s nice but where’s the bullshit?

I don’t watch the news or listen to a politician speak on what they’re planning or whose the “real” enemy because automatically I find myself thinking.

Okay. Now where’s the bullshit?

Because I know humans in general do a lot of bullshiting. You can only trust someone completely when they’re telling you who they are.

Example. Ben Shaprio. I remember watching the Rubin Report long time ago. It was an early interview. Where Dave talked with Shaprio about his personal political beliefs and what matters to him.

Shaprio was open and honest about his classical Liberal beliefs and of course he points out that he is a jew a number of times on the show.

He talks about being jewish a lot. So I know two things. He is a classical Liberal (whatever the hell that means now a days) and he cares strongly about being a jew and America protecting Israel and fighting against Israel’s enemies. He values his Jewishness as he should it’s his heritage and he is a citizen of Israel of course.

What struck me was how nakedly honest he was about being a liberal. Of course he wouldn’t say I am a liberal blue dog. He has a wife and kids to feed and asses to kiss. His whole stick is being a bullshit artist for the GOP stable of Hoes. But, that’s what he is from his own lips.

We all bullshit. When someone tells you trust me this is exactly what’s going on or your silly or dumb for thinking something else.

My questions are. Why do you give a fuck? Are you paying my fucking bills, bitch?


Where’s the bullshit?

Warm Regards,


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