What the hell is MGTOW? Part 2 the complaint and the whining

The complaint is valid. Governments have fucked with the private dynamics of male and female relationships. By getting in between private contracts and fucking with old age traditions they’ve fucked up birthing rates and some men’s notion of engaging in governmental marriage contract.

Men have suffered loss of not being allowed to see their legacies or hand down to them their traditions and moral codes in western cultural society. By the laws and un just judges. The current shit has led to men killing themselves over the shit females and the law put them through. Lesser men brake under such conditions when faced with lifes challenges.

Those are the facts now what’s the bullshit?

What is the solution to such an opportunity for a grand scale fight for the MGTOW male. His answer is to not have children, buy a big house and whore the females and much much worse whinning like a fucking bitch.

Holy shit. Holy mother fucking shit!

Of course we as males and men know that to cry like a bitch is a full sign to other males to laugh at you. So the sneaky assholes will just talk about the problem. Joke about the problem. Go on long rants about the problem that last for days and months. But, this is still bitch ass whinning.

So what are the cards staked against you my dude. Flip the fucking table over and square up my dude. Get your balls up and fight.

Okay you don’t want to fix this shit our fathers made. Okay you want to be a fucking whore. Admit it and shut the fuck up my dude because you just played yourself out of the fight.

You ain’t playing low. The fucking amish know what’s up and their still fucking birthing babies and keeping their females in check and their females volunteered for the shit.

Mother fucker stop whinning. Mother fucker stop crying. The bitch you chose fucked you over. Does that mean you can’t fight on? Does that mean shorty broke your fucking back now she wins.

Fuck that shit. We’re men. We age like fine wine my dude. To survive to old age is a miracle for us with how this life is out to fucking kill us when we’re young five years out the womb. We’re men. We fight on in the face of the fucking storm raging against a world that would crush our spirit. We aren’t to be crushed we are crushers in this shit.

That bitch that left you and took your money will be a lonely stank-ass fuck-ugly bitch at forty. Fuck her and the system that supports her. Forty for men in our prime is prime time to start making some bigger moves.

The conflict is a society and laws against me then bring the fight on bitch. I can out breed your ass and out last your asshole laws by my force of will and thrill to be in fight.

I don’t want to avoid conflict. I want embrace it like a shorty 5’5, light enough to lift and ready to claim as my wife on my fucking kitchen table. Bring me that shit.

Warm Regards,


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