What the hell is MGTOW? Part 1 the argument and the bullshit

Men going their own way. Everything is in the name and yet face value what the hell does that name mean?

MGTOW for the few not in the know is a movement about it’s about men being unsatisfied with the current generation of the west in it’s treatment of men in law and society. There is a conflict between men being treated like shit and females having a superior role in some aspects over males.

Their right.

A post modern western female has the first and final say on children being born and they a higher advantage in court in matters of divorce. The American government as one example acts as a go between in family dynamics and has acted in acting fucking up generations of Americans. The risk for a man in getting married is high. The risk for a female is low and more profitable.

Yep.. there is a lot of conflict and opposition in thinking about marrying or even having children in the west.

Conflict and opposition. For some reason those two words make me taste cotton candy in my mouth.

Anway, MGTOW proponents then choose not to march to that tune of society and go their own way.

What way is that? Well for the most part it’s whoring and buying a motorcycle.

Sure there are videos, articles and books about going out and finding your “purpose” and making the money so you can buy a big house to bang hot chickas in or funny videos about men being real in front of females and them being shocked and offended. That’s it.

Hmm. Now what brings this up? I’ve seen MGTOW videos in passing and videos by males that carry that same tune. I couldn’t place it at first but there’s always been something about MGTOW that has made me ignore it or find it slightly annoying or funny.

Yeah. Funny. I found MGTOW very funny yesterday when I realized what was bothering me about the whole movement to somewhere I would never go. I like motorcycles but fucking random western woman that are against me on some basic fundamental level never was my thing.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it often again. Life is conflict. Conflict is the air we breath. It is the water we swim in.

It’s not my saying but it is one I take to heart.

There is no conflict in being a MGTOW. It is for the most part selfish living and whoring. That’s not a movement that’s a Los Vegas vacation.

Hey if that’s what you want to do? You’ve already left the ring before the round began. You don’t get the Chad belt for banging a hocker at a expansive hotel instead of challenging a rival in war for your society for this shit will proceed for the next a hundred years.

No my dude. Call it what it is. You just walked away from a fight because the other guy appeared stronger then you. This is the west. You can be a whore but not the Chad.

There is a lot of bullshit in MGTOW. I just find interesting.

Warm Regards,


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