You know I thought Black History month was in January that’s how much I didn’t give a damn

I really did my dude. I really did and still do don’t care. I remember when I did care. It was when I was younger. My black power princess mother cared alot about that shit.

I remembered having to watch Roots on tv and Rosewood at the movies because someone asked me about Slavery when I was eleven and I really did not give a shit to give a thoughtful answer.

My black power princess mother was pissed off at me and I got earful of how much a dumb ass I was about not knowing about shit I didn’t care about in a nice way.

It became her quest to get me educated. From the movies we watched to books I was made to read. I hated the shit for the most part.

I liked Malcom X and read a bit of his autobiography and I saw the movie. MLK. Yep. I’ll get to him later.

I read the learning tree when I was in college. It was a interesting read. I got that shit. I could relate some what to that character of the book.

Martin Luther King Jr. I read a book about him when I was a kid. Everything you need to know about This person kind of book. It told me everything and more some about the MLK’s life you wanted to know, didn’t know and that was not so flattering to know. That shit was raw facts and no bullshit edition.

You got to understand. I’m a realist and a highlander. There are very few black people I respect personally. Real talk.

MLK. If he were alive today I wouldn’t go to same church as him my dude. Real talk. Everything about him is counter to me and my own beliefs. We skin cousins if that and nothing more. I can’t relate to him on any level.

I keep the shit to myself but I’m telling you so keep it a secret. Some of my skin folks and a few blue haired dumbass folk worship the dude. I’m talking bow down to his statutes my dude and memorize his speeches and all like bible verses.

Naw my dude. Miss me with that. I didn’t even worship my own black Rambo daddy my dude. He was a real one.

I respected Malcom X as a real one. His story was interesting and inspiring in a way but I use respect in a general sense based on what I know of how he carried himself. I didn’t know him. I know of him. The people I respect on a personal level are the people I know and who’ve earned it. I don’t give away respect to anybody. I don’t give a damn who you are. You can earn it and you can lose it by how you carry yourself and how you treat me and how you keep it real.

I’m a highlander so I don’t care that much about a month in the span of human history. It is funny though. What people choose to remember and what choose to ignore.

Warm Regards,



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