Nubian ebony beauty

I’ve heard many a love song about black love and Black power princess attude and masculine energy but

Nubian ebony beauty is a thing to behold. Not to be confused as common stalk to the stream of black power pincesses.

I find myself reflecting as I sit on the city streets waiting for a ride to my common every day ritual on the few times in my long lived life that I’ve seen Ebony beauty in it’s ripe season. Up close and personal.

I was twenty at the time and she was eighteen to that day. I met her at school and be friended her. When I touched her and held her close to my arms. I embraced her tightly and inhailed her ebony warmth breathing in her youth in a moment. My chest shook and my senses were over loaded in that space of time and chance I tasted a heavenly surprise.

I wonder often times what attracted me to her so strongly but the effect was deem or nonexistent in the company of other females of similar ebony kind I encounted over the years. So I’m taking the time and stealing some moments my day is currently on pause.

1) grace in step and movment. She is who she is and owns every step. No falseness or show of brovido is in her game. She doesn’t seduce. She enchants.

2) beauty in the classical sense. That which is pleasing to the eyes and in perfect form to our mind’s perception. To a male she is altogether lovely. In scent and in the warmth of her body there is delight for eyes and enough weight to lift and claim but no more no less.

3)  Confidence and self knowledge is in her stare and her quiet moments when she listens to you and submits to your turn in the play of physical communication and respect of your dominace as exchange goes both ways and lines of time disappear as you are in rare moments in toned with each other and the world is shut away.

4) virtue in presense. A scent she puts in the air that she is female. You are male. She claims the right to stand with you eye to eye but she puts the ernest on you to lead the dance where it will go.

Damn. I have many regrets. The foolishness of youth. But, yet I still retain the day and moment and scent to my memory.

Warm Regards,


I never thought to put the words of my desires to words. But, I do now.

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