The phantom: Legazy & The Law (book nerd shit)

I rock with the phantom my dude. Purple jump suit and 1911s at his sides my dude. I just got a recent graphic novel that is a two book combo in one.

Legazy is mixture of stylish art with a depiction of a story I love dearly. The script and poetic pose of the character telling the story is delious poetry for the lyrical junky and for the bard’s soul it’s rich in song and rhythm.

True magical storytelling.

The story is classic and original. One man dawning his own destiny with a vow on the dead scowl of the bastard that killed his father cold. One man vows to take up the cause to fight piracy, greed, and injustice. On the sea sores of a beach of his destiny he vows and does craft is own true immortal destiny.

Real shit.

The second book The Law is a interesting tale. Told from the prospective of the phantom’s would be enemy.

Again, rich in poetry and melodies for the internal ear to hear. Delicious in creative pose and a nice change of pace for customed hero. A legend of timeless treasure.

I got it on the cheap surprisingly on Amazon. However, the quality of the printing makes me think it was previously owned by a knockoff version of a true book nerd.

It’s sown and heavyly glued. Sown quality is okay. The glue is the only thing holding the book together properly. Again for the price you get what you get. However if I had the means I would get it bound in cowhide leather and sown properly better.

Warm Regards,


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