The 5’11 puerto rican Chad at work

I have new manager at work. Well he’s an old manager from another manager from a previous shift I worked.

He’s the typical chad and a dude that respects the group over him but demands and commands obedience.

Good looking. Check.

Gusto and charm. Check.

Looks you in the eye and smiles all the damn time and only gets pissed if well your an asshole.

He’s a dude without a hint of gamma, gamma mother fucking bitch on him.

He’s puerto rican Cassinova chad. So you why he’s so damn confident.

Big dick energy my dude.

Not because he’s an asshole. It’s logical. The shit has to get done. That’s the mindset for a typical chad. They can be charming. They can flirt with a shorty the minute she comes around but overall. There about goals being met and shit getting done.

You can joke with him but don’t fuck with him because he’ll put your ass on notice clear you of any delusion. He ain’t no gamma, gamma mother fucking punk ass bitch.

I get on with him well. He respects me. I respect him. He’s even asked me if I thought of moving up the SSH. I’ve thought about but I achieved my goals for now and I’m always about doing my own thing. I get bored and I like to move.

Anyway, great dude. Fucker as the makings of running the damn company in ten years.

Warm, Regards


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