I need some shit kicking boots my dude..

I’ve been wearing sneakers for twenty plus years. I’ve had the occasional timberland ass kicking books but being around lone star shit kicking cowboys walking around in

Shit kicking boots I’m getting the itch for some. Immortal brown leather and hard leather heels.

I look down at my trusty and reliable but beat up New Ballance. Two years in mother fuckers. They feel good but don’t last long for shit. I’m tired of this shit.

I was at work and I saw a young 5’5 puerto rican Cassinova rocking some smooth looking shit kickers. Brown immortal leather aged with time and the countless shit tests of life. The boots looked like he got that shit handed down to him by his great grandfather, son. I was like, damn I’m jealous as fuck. I got to get me some of those.

I’m doing my research as we speak. I’m going all out. I want some shit kickers that can stand the test of ten years time and kick the shit out of life and some out of line asshole.

I’m going to treat myself for the next eighty years to some fine quailty control premium shit kicking boots.

Warm Regards,


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