High level bullshit: Politics from an American  Highlander’s prospective

Politics in general is a bullshit game of those that do the fucking and those that get fucked from behind a table.

American politics for those not in the know is a bullshit game of illusion and deception. To the general public you have the deception of Democrats vs Republicans. The defenders of the poor and the evil big business assholes. There are clear binary lines. Between my team and your team.

Holy fucking shit!

Think about that shit. Has life ever been that fucking simple. Holy fucking shit.

Mother fucker it’s more like cocain pimp Democrats and their stable of loyal hoes vs the sucker they trying to hit up for capitalist transaction. Cocain Democrats keep their street agents in line and The stable of hoes make you believe you have a really big dick and they really hate their pimp and are trying to leave him and they really love you.

The rest are suckers or johns. Holy shit. There is more of a conflict/contrast between the crepts and the bloods fighting over a damn street corner my dude.


Grand Master pimp cocain Nacy Pelosia career politican. She has a masters in female bullshit and doctorate in the grifting game. Hey, no hate on my end. Look at her record my dude. She get her shit done and is a wealthy world class master of the political bullshit game my dude. Look her shit up that bitch will put Al Capone to shame.

Older then fucking Noah with power and money and still holding down a marriage for thirty plus years. Bitches need to take notes. A fucking old dirty OG.

Big T that dude is a fucking legend. He came into the bullshit game of politics simply by name alone and getting in when the Pimp cocain Democrats were counting their money and the stable of GOP hoes were taking a shit.

Big T revealed all that bullshit in the bullshit game of politics to the world and the suckers and Johns looked to the cocain pimps and stable of hoes GOP to find out if it was true.

Holy shit! Shorty said she loved me. She wouldn’t lie to me.

Get the fuck out here you damn simp.

You know the story. I’m a fucking highlander so I’ve seen it before. I’ll see it again. Still waiting for the punch line though. Everything is just to damn calm for me. I can taste conflict and fight in the air.

Hot damn! What a time to be alive.

Warm Regards,


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