A study in female bullshit lesson 1 Lying

Men and females all have our own gradients of bullshit in general. Men have our talking points of what shorty we want to bang and the next car we want to buy when we get the money.

We talk shit about our boss and worries about family life and our females getting on our backs about playing fucking video games.

It’s all simple shit. We got a disagreement we talk it out go one on one and say fuck it and go home.

That said…female bullshit is a special kind of shit.

Back in the 1800s..naw I’m just fucking with you it was 1977.

I knew one dude from work that was “friends” with some shorty for months. Nothing sexual but I don’t trust that shit myself anyway. I have even less trust for the hyper sexual hot box chicka types.

Anyway, they go from best buddies to this bitch not talking to him when we at work or when they’re both in the same fucking room. His ass don’t know shit of why she changed up on him. He’s in his early twenties. He’s even gotten some pussy on the regular but I could see that blank stare of confusion on his face at her switch in behavior. He’s probably wondering if he did anything wrong or if she’s on her period. It ain’t none of that simple normal shit.

It’s that female bullshit right there.

You could say you don’t know the story I would say to you go fuck yourself. I know what I saw. I know the game my dude and so do you or you need to get the fucking audiobook son. She was giving him the shit test. They weren’t even fucking but I could see this bitch putting his ass on the list of back ups. She had to test him out though and see if he would take her shit or throw it back at her. I guess she didn’t like his test scores on the course.

I watch. I see. I listen. I like to be proven wrong occasionally. I got the time. I was an old fuck back 1970s to so nobody notices me much. They weren’t friends. She put his ass on the low key list and figured out either she didn’t want him or he damn sure didn’t want her. Maybe, she got bored one thing though….

She has a kid. My dude what the fuck do you think? He doesn’t have any kids and he ain’t up for raising other peoples kids.

She got to work because she hocked up with some poor asshole with a big dick and no money that’s in and out of jail. Same old fucking story. Hot chickas out for dangerous big dick dude. Fucking dumbass. She was lying from the jump. Friends my ass. Nothing but some bullshit. Some female bullshit.

How do I know all this? Easy. She’s a female and females in general talk to damn much. He’s young and can’t stand moments of silence so he would talk to me and everybody around him. You find out a lot about people if you listen to them bullshiting a bit eventually they tell you the truth.

I don’t hate the females. I just have a low tolerance for that red gradient female bullshit. The first level in high grade shit. Lying.

How did I become an export? You learn from experience my dude. There ain’t no female alive in the modern world that doesn’t give one male in her radius that female bullshit to a degree.

If you thought this was some funny shit drop a like and comment on it if you think I’m one crazy old fucker.

Warm regards,


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