Paycheck the short story (book nerd shit)

I read the short story back in my teens I think. This shit was ten plus years before Ben Affleck was fucking with J-Lo or whatever the hell name she goes by now.

I saw the movie. My review. BUY that shit but it ain’t as good as the story.


Anyway, I read it in a collection of Phillip K Dick stories I got from the library.

Holy shit.

That shit was the shit. It dealt with time in a realistic way. Instead of traveling through time what if you could view events before they happened. But I didn’t know any of that shit from the start. The story unlike the movie puts you right at the point of the character waking up from finishing his job for a corporation years later no memory of what he did or what shit he got himself into and twelve items only to his name.

The mystery is uncovered as you and the main character discover what the hell happened and what the hell is going on.

I love that shit. Paycheck is one of the very few classic tales that doesn’t mind fuck you from the jump or slowly slips it in from the back.

The story embedded itself into my memory and mind. I can remember seeing the trailer for the movie on TV and knowing what the fuck it was and being excited as hell to see it on film.

It was good but fuck if only they could have done true to the story and let people figure out the shit on their own.

Warm Regards,


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