Chris Brown is the 21st century Fred Astaire holy shit!

You know I thought saving this one for tomorrow but ya’aw been hitting me up with likes like crazy family so

I thought fuck it. Let’s have fun.

Well. You might be asking me. Who the fuck is Fried Astaire?

My dude. Dancer, singer, actor, show performing and profiling. The man from a age in American history when men got shit done in a suit and tie and woman walked around the house like they were modeling for a magazine.

Holy shit!

Michael Jackson was Michael Jackson the King of pop but Chris Brown is the dancer, singer, musician, actor and show stopper. The full monty mother fuckers. The full show in one body.

Google search the shit. But, my old heads will know the dude. Maybe in passing maybe from a memory of seeing one of your grandpa’s old movies.

Yes, I told I was an old fuck.

Holy shit. The idea hit me like a bat to the head and for ten seconds I had a fucking good laugh.

Yes, tattoos in all. Rough and dominant ways and all. Chris mother fucking Brown is the modern man that dances on walls and floats on the air of his own brand of Charisma and seduces bitches with a smile.

Holy Shit.

Doubt me all you want but if the legend was alive and young today. Both men would be setting entertainment world on a blaze and the panties would be falling like rain.

Damn. Maybe I have gone crazy. Fuck it this is funny to me at least. Have a lovely night.

Warm Regards


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