Holy shit crept keeper Joe is on a roll

Holy shit!

Holy mother-fucking shit!

The fucking ride doesn’t end. I don’t know about you my friend but we are living in exciting times. No other country on this god forsaken planet can dream and hope and pray for a fucking crept keeper corpse to be the next president and be surprised when

Shit starts hitting the fan when we get what we asked for. Hey, I didn’t vote for the corpse and chief but fuck it. I’m in this shit with my fellow dumbass.

Mother fuckers are surprised they didn’t get the high prized hocker and cocain they were promised now that Big-T is out playing golf and sitting on a bed of money wondering what mother fucker will he sue first for liable.

Holy shit! That sound your hearing is me shitting myself with laughter. Please sweet Jesus let the fucker live for two more years. I need some joy in my life.

I’m sitting in a financial depression and surrounded by a confederacy of dunces that can’t see it.

[Ten points to my book nerd family if you guessed the reference correctly.]

Holy shit!


Hot damn! What a time to be alive.

We live in a time of historical events. A time of testing and a time we few, we proud and inheritors of the rebel blood of independent soldiers get the shit test.

In other words, get some balls and strap in and ride this mother fucker until the wheels come off.

[A hundred points to my comedy family if you get the last line.]

Warm Regards


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