Okay let’s face it YouTube is an old fuck dying on the shitter. (Comedy)

Hold on!

Don’t shoot the messenger. I’m an old fuck myself but YouTube holy holy

Holy fucking shit is that bitch looking like an old whore on her last dick to sit on.

First of all. The mother fucking commercials, my dude. You will say well you could get YouTube Red my dude. No commercials.

Ah my dude. I watch my favorite channels on Bitchute and every other place on the internet. No commercials.  No bullshit boner pill commercials or adds asking me if I know about squarespace.

Fucking bullshit. That’s the problem. I can’t watch a video without the “content creator” telling me about an algorithm or YouTube pulling down channels that don’t kiss the pimp ring of Pimp Cocain Mac Daddy DNC.

The fucking bullshit ride never ends. Shilling is the past time of the modern day YouTube propaganda entertainment machine. My information and attention is the cash I pay with.

I don’t give a damn. Mother fucker entertain me at least. I thought this was the agreement between YouTube and me.

Fucking hell. Propaganda used to be about hiding the shit by being entertaining enough.

Yes. Yes. I am ranting. Hold my beer a second.

Damn it to hell and back. YouTube is old on it’s death legs my dude. It’s a damn fucking shame. I used to rock with it hard but now fuck me running I’m getting fucking bored of the site.

[Cobra Kai not with standing. Great show I don’t give two shits about and I watched every Karate Kid movie. I earned my nerd points.]

Let me summarize this shit.

1) commercials

2) Shilling on videos

3) dumbass suck at propaganda.

4) I’m older then YouTube and even have moments when I want to take the old girl out to the back of the barn and put her down with a shot gun.


Does any of this sound like the ridiculous ramblings of an old ass fuck. Well it’s intentional. I’m just fucking with you.

Come on my dude. Come on my guy. I knew you weren’t fooled but I damn sure got some dumbass half way through this post angry about my  “hate posting” about YouTube. Get the fuck out of here.

Hot damn! I’m good. Give me a like if you found this shit funny. I fucking did.

Warm Regards,


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