fahrenheit 451 scared the shit out of me as a kid (book nerd shit)

Back in the late 90s early 2000s (yeah I know I’m old as fuck) and the hey day of the internet when that asshole finally started walking and shitting himself

I was a young writer still learning the craft from the classics I borrowed from the library. I was mostly a snack reader at the time. Nibbling on mysteries and Urban raw dog fiction.

I was still on my quest to read the top 100 list of great books. I had finished five books on the list and nibbled on ten. I finally made the mistake of reading fahrenheit 451.

I knew fuck all about the story, movies and prophetic quality of the story. It was on the list so I went for it.

I was I think seventeen at the time on my first reading. I got to the half way point of the book and sent that shit back to the library and spent the next three years thinking on that shit and looking at my Television as a secret enemy out to fuck me over.

I’m being deadass [when in the fucking hell did people stop adding serious to dead-ass serious. This shit is news to me. Now I know I’m an old fuck] with you. I put that shit down and thought on it for a couple of years. That shit fucked with me.

Never in my life had anybody told me or hinted at the purpose of entertainment could go beyond making people happy. Television = mind fucking you into submission.

I eventually got back to the book and finished it. It was weird shit though. I remembered the fucking page I stopped on and everything previous to that moment.

Fast foreward today. That book was tame. Ray Bradbury was correct on the shit but didn’t see the internet coming. Internet × Television = mind fucked squared.

Holy shit. Holy fucking shit. Holy mind fucking shit.

Yeah. I have no idea where I was going with this post. I just wanted to share a moment in life when a book fucked me out of the matrix or simulation we’re all in.

Fucking hell. God bless you for reading this far into the rabbit hole of my silly shit.

Warm Regards,


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